Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and More Rappers Who Have Dealt With Depression

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Rappers get sad, too.

With all of the hardcore rappers in the industry, we sometimes look over the ones who rap for the soul. I’m talking the rappers who rap about life’s struggles and everyday issues we as people deal with. We tend to forget that rappers are just like us — regular people. So, when they rap about broken hearts or depression, they tend to get scrutinized and made fun of.

Drake is always the center of jokes about his vulnerability. But that’s why he’s so successful. He raps real life situations about love, loss, family and heartache. Well, in most songs. Kanye West is one of the greatest rappers and producers of all time, but some forget when he went through a very dark depressed period after the death of his mom. Depression is a big deal in Hollywood, but no one speaks about it until it’s too late. Several celebrities have taken their own lives and you shouldn’t be surprised that rappers are a part of that number. Luckily for these rappers, they have bounced back from their darkest days.

A mourner cries on May 18, 2105 at a makeshift memorial beside a street in Queens, New York, where rapper Chinx was shot dead on May 17

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These rappers have had a tough time dealing with depression