Kevin Gates’ Wife Speaks out on Husband’s Incarceration, Asks Fans for Prayers

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"A little heartbroken, but I'm a fighter."

Ever since he rose to stardom, Kevin Gates has shown that he gives not one f**k. He’s known to be rude in interviews, clap back at fans on social media, and even get violent with fans who get too close. Over the past two years, Gates has gotten himself into some deep water and he’s been paying for it.

Following his 2015 arrest for kicking a fan, he’s been serving time in jail. Just when he thought all of his troubles were coming to an end, he got a big surprise. Family and fans were excited to hear that Gates would be getting released from jail a month early, but when authorities pinned outstanding warrants against the rapper, their hopes and dreams came tumbling down.

Dreka Gates

Source: Instagram @realdrekagates

His wife issues a statement after realizing her hubby won't be coming home any time soon