Keyshia Cole Accused of Not Paying Backup Dancers

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You gotta pay your crew

Keyshia Cole is getting dragged for her management company’s failure to pay her backup dancers.

The nastiness came after Cole recounted a hectic trip to South Korea. The singer said that she performed for a crowd in the East Asian country in spite of many setbacks. Cole said that her dancers quit right before the planned show and that her DJ couldn’t make the flight. She painted it as a story of her persevering.

“Korea was sweet. I went all the way there to perform. My dancers quit at the last minute knowing the show was booked weeks prior!” she wrote. “My DJ couldn’t fly overseas and wasn’t feeling 100% but I went on stage and sung anyway! Korea has supported my talent for years and I’m very grateful.”

Someone who claimed to be connected to the dancers commented on the post, calling out Keyshia and her management for failing to pay the dancers on time.

“Last minute was how they were getting paid,” wrote user @215ryanbrooks in a since-deleted comment. She continued,

“My godson @rameer_colon was one of your very talented and amazing dancers. He loves what he does and alwways gave 100% You were great but your management team is a**. No way my child should practice for hours, kill the performance and then have to wait weeks after his scheduled pay date. Just as well as you wanna be compensated and require partial payment fir appearances ON TIME, so do these dancers. If all three of your dancers quit, it has to be a good reason that doesn’t fall on them. […] These boys have yet to get paid the two checks they were owed.”

She finished up: “So please spare the testimony of how you went above and beyond to perform without your dancers when your management team is the reason their hands were forced to do so.”

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