Keyshia Cole Loses Case Over Attack at Birdman’s Home… Has to Cough Up Six Figures

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Keyshia Cole has been ordered to pony up a pretty penny after roughing up a woman she thought to be Birdman’s side-piece in 2014.

Sabrina Mercadel was attacked by Keyshia after Cole showed up in the middle of the night at Birdman’s Los Angeles condo. Cole, who was dating Birdman at the time, flew into a rage over finding Mercadel there and tore into the woman. Now, that outburst will cost her six figures.

Keyshia failed to appear to defend herself in court, so Mercadel was awarded $100,635. That’s a lot of money no doubt, but it’s a far cry from what Mercadel was asking for.

Mercadel sued for $4 million, naming both Birdman and Cole in the lawsuit. Her claims broke down as follows:

“$1.5 million for pain and suffering
$500k for emotional distress
$2 million for loss of use of a body part
$200k for future medical expenses
$50k for loss of earnings
$300k for future loss of earnings”

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Credit: Maury Phillips/Stringer/Getty Images