Khia Goes on Epic Rant Against Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir: “Did You Know She Has 3 Children?”

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The rapper asked for proof in a viral rant

Khia hasn’t had a hit since “My Neck, My Back,” but she stays in the public eye via a lucrative(?) side hustle of being messy as hell on Instagram. Her latest target is none other than Keyshia Ka’oir a.k.a. Mrs. Guwop.

Shortly after the wedding — in which Ka’oir looked stunning in a diamond-encrusted wedding dress — Khia was rallying her troops with a ratchet bugle call. Khia used her reach to spread the rumor that Gucci Mane’s other half has kids that she abandoned in Jamaica.

“I wanna know where is your real friends at back in Jamaica. Where is your children, girl? Where is your real family? The people you growed up with in before you went and got all this sh*t done to your face,” she said. “I know it’s some b*tches that you growed up with…the goat herders, the people that went fishing and made sure you had fish and porridge to eat.”

She said that the wedding should have included these children that Keyshia allegedly left in Jamaica. She supposedly left them behind to make a better life for them but never sent for them once she did.

“The Mane Event should have been the reunification of you and your children that you left down there,” she said.

Khia then posted a compilation of various responses to her rant and other users wondering about Keyshia’s kids. She captioned the video with supposed evidence that Keyshia has children.

“I’m threeeeeew🤡We mean business at the QueensCourt! You want answers, we’ll get you answers. As you see we got Heauxs filing all kinds of motions. She’s stated that she will be showing up to court. The adult children have been found She’s now pleading her case as to the whereabouts of the rest. We have birth certificate of all parties involved. And for the record. She is Not, I Repeat NOT 32 yrs of age with a 22 year old son that didn’t walk her down the aisle. Stay Tuned to the QueensCourt! We The People! Got Questions? We will get you the answers. We The People deserve to know the truth.”

Khia also questioned the veracity of Gucci and Keyshia’s wedding.

“I’m tired of y’all having these fake-ass weddings on VH1,” she said. “Mona always putting these together.”

Khia gave the woman 30 days to find a friend from school, a family member or somebody back in Jamaica who could confirm or deny the rumors (a strange request given that she claims to have birth certificates).

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