Jesus Take Her Phone: Khia Lights Reginae Carter and Toya Wright Up in Response to Their Clapback

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What did you think was coming?

We tried to warn them. No good can come from engaging with Khia. The queen of internet shade always has a clap-back for those who come after her… and it usually stings. But Reginae Carter and Toya Wright didn’t want to listen.

The mother and daughter combo gave the former rapper and current rumor monger the attention she desired in a series of posts telling her to lay off her attempts to drag a pregnant woman. And you already know it just made things worse.

“You’re mammy didn’t teach you no respect or manners,” she said.

“That’s one thing that I know because, baby, one thing that you need to know. Don’t you ever in your 19 years of living try and get into the ring with a professional roaster. Your mammy should have told you but, see, they ain’t taught you nothing. Your mother or your grandmother ain’t taught you nothing. They should have warned you about coming into the street with all these 16-18 wheelers.”

Khia said that Reginae was anything but a daughter to her mother

“You have been her husband, her sister, her friend, you have been everything to her since you was a little girl including her bread. Her meal ticket. Her bank account,” she said.

Of course, Khia found a little time for her favorite target. She accused Toya and Lil Wayne of having a relationship with Trina, saying that the rapper started up a relationship with Toya to get to Wayne. She said that Reginae was raised in a trap house and repeatedly accused her of being raised incorrectly.


Source: Instagram @khiathugmisses