Kid Cudi Lashes out at Kanye and Drake on Twitter, Calling Them Fake and Corny… Both Rappers Clap Back

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Twitter fingers turn to...

I remember the days when, if rappers had beef with each other, they solved it in person, backstage at an awards show, or better yet, on a diss track. Nowadays, these new rappers take to social media to air out their frustration. And of course, 140 characters aren’t enough, so they flood our timelines with dissected paragraphs.

Kid Cudi is the latest Twitter thug, who called out two of rap’s greatest artists, Drake and Kanye, out of the blue. I must’ve been in hiding, because last I knew, Cudi and Ye were on good terms, making G.O.O.D music together (see what I did there?). Well, word travels fast because it seems like hours after Cudi’s rant, both Kanye and Drake had a few things to say.


Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Things get real when Kanye goes off on Cudi and anyone who has something to say about him.