King Yella Calls Migos “Hoes,” Hinting They Kept Him in Jail… Goes Off in IG Video Rant

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A bad look, honestly.

King Yella continued his beef against the Migos in a series of angry Instagram videos. The fresh out of jail rapper implied heavily that the group had something to do with his recent arrest, and he went in on Migos and others who didn’t help him pay his $12,000 bond.

“Offset, Quavo, Takeoff, yeah they’re really scared. We’re really worried about my momma. Had me 23 and 1 lockdown, n**ga,” he said of his time in jail. “We don’t want you around nobody. We don’t want you to hurt nobody in jail. All this s**t, n**ga on Jesus Christ, n**ga. F**k going on, n**ga? All y’all making them posters about me. Y’all n**gas ain’t help me get out, n**ga. Y’all ain’t help me get out. Y’all ain’t help with that $12,000. F**k y’all, n**ga on Jesus Christ, n**ga.”

He added that Migos don’t really stand for anything and that they are not to be trusted.

“F**k going on they don’t give a f**k about none of that s**t, family members, brothers, daddy, mama, n**ga. F**k you talking about, n**ga. I’m a OG, n**ga. F**k you talking about? All that posting me n**ga. Y’all n**gas don’t post me. Y’all n**gas ain’t put a dollar up, n**ga,” he said. “All that free me s**t but ain’t put up on my bond. I know what’s up…Don’t post s**t about me if you n**gas ain’t help me get out that joint.”

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Source: Instagram @kingyella74_