Kiran Bengal Ponamgi’s Top 5 Tips for Mixing a Song or Beat

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Kiran Bengal

Credit: Noize

Kiran Bengal Ponamgi began writing pop, rap, and his version of R&B, which combined both Western and Southeast Asian influences to form a unique yet captivating blend, at the tender age of 13.

During his final semester at NYU in ’98, he worked full-time in the A&R department at Epic Records and became a vital part of “Buttnaked” Tim Dawg’s team. Later that year, under the direction of David McPherson, Bengal signed two teen Latin groups to development deals. Soon after, Bengal’s entrepreneurial instincts led him away from Epic, and he began to concentrate on developing his production and songwriting skills.

In 2001, Bengal joined music publishing guru, Leland Robinson, at Motown Records. At Motown, he helped coordinate projects for India.Arie, Sharissa, and Brian McKnight, while expanding his network and tweaking his songwriting skills. Robinson taught Bengal the ins and outs of music publishing, and they soon began educating other songwriters about publishing and how to collect unpaid royalties from major labels.

In 2007, after compiling 11 years of experience in A&R promotions, music publishing, and songwriting, Bengal made a natural transition into brand integration and marketing through his company, Anjuli Networks.

Here are Kiran Bengal’s top 5 tips for mixing a song or beat…