Kodak Black Takes Jabs at JAY-Z Before Comparing Himself to the Rapper

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Maybe work your way up to Jay, Kodak

It’s a bit of a cliche for older generations of rappers to hate on whatever comes after them. The standard complaint, regardless of which generation it is doing the talking, is that the old heads rapped about “real sh-t” and had lyrics about actual issues while the new kids on the block only care about money, clothes, Xanax, etc. Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, old heads hating new.

But Kodak Black has flipped that old argument on its head. Rather than wait around for one of his forebears to attack him, he went after a lyrical legend and Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee in a post to his Instagram.

The side-by-side comparison pulls lyrics from his own song “Can I” and compares it to the chorus of Jay-Z’s “Money, Cash, Hoes.”

He compared Jigga’s lines to a playground chant in his caption, clearly a prod to older rap listeners and the man himself.

“Real Sh-t B Goin On .. None Of Dat Hopscotch Sh-t,” he wrote.

Of course, like all of these comparisons, it cherry-picks the worst of an artist and compares it to the best from whoever they’re trying to make look good. Remember that one that compared the chorus of Beyonce’s “Girls” to a verse from “Bohemian Rhapsody?” Never mind that “Rhapsody” is gibberish, it’s still apples to oranges.

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Source: Instagram @kodakblack