Blac Chyna’s Mom Gets Evicted from House, Landlord Livestreams the Mess Left Behind

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More Bad Press

Black Chyna is hanging on to her relevance by a thread. In the midst of an ongoing battle with the Kardashian family, the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter doesn’t need any bad press coming her way. After all, it’s been a hard year for her. Rob spent much of it exposing her on social media and drug her name through the mud. Then, reports that she allegedly tried to spend 300k on Rob’s credit card (post breakup) tarnished her already-less-than-squeaky-clean image.

The mom-of-two is trying to put all of that behind her, as she’s focusing on a career in music now. However, her mom may make that hard to do.

Born Shaman Hunter, Blac Chyna’s mom (aka Tokyo Toni) has been evicted from her rented home in Accokeek, Maryland. According to the landlord’s live stream, Tokyo Toni wasn’t living right.

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