‘LHHATL’ Production Comes to a Halt After Hit-and-Run

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This is scary

It takes a lot for the cameras to stop rolling on the set of a Love & Hip Hop show. Producers of the long-running VH1 reality show have seen more than their fair share of fights, tossed drinks, and upended furniture, with cameras rolling through it all. But the show was forced to halt production today when one of their security guards was a victim of a hit-and-run in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead.

The show was setting up to film in some nearby boutiques and a guard was blocking the area in front of a store so that the production crew could roll up. Because rich folks are the worst and will turn into monsters at the slightest inconvenience, a driver who was mad about the parking situation decided to barrel through the guard, injuring his left leg.

TMZ reports that the car then sped off before stopping at a nearby golf store. (Imagine feeling so above reproach that you still get your shopping in for the bougie-est sport after running over a pedestrian.) However, the suspect apparently came to their senses among the clubs and cleats. They fled before police could arrive but the gossip website says that store employees are working with police to ID the suspect. Another store shared its security camera footage with authorities.

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