Lil Peep Dead of Suspected Overdose

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He was 21

Soundcloud star Lil Peep has passed away at the age of 21. The rapper, who blended the styles of emo and trap over sample-heavy woozy beats, is believed to have died of an overdose. According to TMZ, Peep was found unresponsive on his tour bus outside of a venue in Tuscon, Arizona by his manager before a scheduled performance.

Born Gustav Åhr, the Long Island rapper came to fame with a series of mixtapes that showcased his unique and highly emotional style. Across a string of tapes and his debut album Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One), Peep openly talked about his struggles with his own mental health and drug addiction.

With that in mind, people around Peep admitted that they were not shocked by the news, even if they were terribly sad.

“I’ve been expecting this call for a year,” wrote manager Chase Orteaga on his Twitter. “Mother f*ck.”

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