Lil Pump and Smokepurpp are Giving Up Xanax for the New Year… Travis Scott Responds

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He's leaving Xanax in 2017

Lil Pump is swearing off his drug of choice for 2018. The rapper shared his resolution to quit it with the benzos in an otherwise normal Instagram post that featured the rapper flexing the wealth that his breakout year brought him. Underneath a video of himself showing off his jewelry, the “Gucci Gang” rapper swore of Xanax for the coming year.

“2018 we going even more crazy love yall,” he wrote. “(Btw I don’t take xanz no more f*ck Xanax 2018).”

It seems like Pump will have support from his close friends. His frequent collaborator SmokePurpp also said that Xans are a thing of the past on Twitter. “We leaving Xanax in 2017,” he wrote.

The tweet was supported by Travis Scott, who couldn’t contain himself when he saw his friend leaving an addiction in the dust. “This tweet made me happy!!!” he said of Purpp’s announcement.

lil pump raising his pinky selfie

Source: Instagram @lilpump