Lil Pump Arrested for Firing Gun Inside Home

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Lil Pump was recently arrested for firing a gun inside his home. The rapper popping one off in his own house is a strange enough story as it is — because why was Lil Pump shooting up his own stuff? — but it gets weirder. After Jetski broke down the sequence of events and (tried to) explained himself, everyone was only more confused.

Pump’s manager – who was speaking to law enforcement on Pump’s behalf – said that three men were attempting to jimmy the door of the teen’s home in San Fernando Valley in the middle of the afternoon. The manager said that the burglars fired a single shot through the door in an attempt to get inside. This story quickly fell apart when police investigated the scene though, as forensics indicated that the bullet had been fired from inside the house.

When the police returned with a search warrant, they found a gun in the bushes outside the home. According to TMZ’s recounting, the gun was unloaded. Police found ammo for the weapon inside the home, however. Putting the pieces together, they formed a story that Pump had fired his weapon from the inside, so they arrested the minor for firing a weapon in an inhabited place, even though Pump was home alone when the shot was fired.

While searching the house, police found marijuana. The fact that Pump’s mother was not home and Pump really is lil — he’s only 17 — could lead to charges of negligence for his mom for having an unsecured weapon around the house with a minor.

Pump’s team continues to back his story that three men were trying to enter the home and told TMZ that surveillance footage will prove that the rapper is telling the truth. Pump is currently being held at a juvenile detention facility.

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