Lil Pump Kicked Out of Hotel Room After Fighting With “Racist” Staff

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Uh Oh

When Lil Pump said “Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang/ Spend 10 racks on a new chain,” fans felt that. So much so that the song went on to top the Billboard Hot 100.

Well, now… Lil Pump is saying something different. Though there are little-to-no background details behind this now-deleted Instagram video, the short clip offered enough. At first, the video simply shows a gang of police officers gathered in the rapper’s hotel room. It then switches to Lil Pump addressing one officer directly, saying, “You kickin’ me out a hotel for being racist and ugly.”

As the officer Pump was speaking to blocked his face from the camera, Pump then proceeded to roast him, saying, “You big ugly a–. You got a big a– gut. You like 65. Yo tapeline went back.” While the other officers shown in the video don’t laugh, laughter erupts from a group sounding to stand behind Pump.

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Source: Instagram @lilpump