Lil Pump Thrown Off Stage After Throwing His Microphone at Fan, Calling Fan a P*ssy

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Things were not Gucci

A Lil Pump show ended up abruptly after a fan threw a water bottle at the “Gucci Gang” rapper. After being hit with the bottle, the 17-year-old rap star challenged the bottle chucker before tossing something of his own back, the microphone.

“That was you? You think you’re funny?” he yelled before slamming the mic down into the bottle thrower. “Come up here and do that sh-t p-ssy.”

After the throw security quickly escorted Pump off the stage and remaining security guards hopped into the crowd to fight with the trouble-starting fans.

While there were plenty of fans who were shocked at the outburst and quite a few were disappointed over missing the rest of the show, the internet mainly seems concerned with Pump’s throwing motion.

“Threw that mic like a li b-tch,” wrote Twitter user @joshiwea. “We know u soft lil pump stop actin.”

“Go and look on YouTube see when T.I got a water bottle thrown at him he ain’t storm off stage or throw the mic,” wrote user @Cash_Chosen1. “Tip was ready to fight lil pump cut the tough guy act u ain’t throwing no hands.”

Pump later took to his social media to explain why he acted the way he did and to apologize to his Connecticut fans who didn’t get a whole show.

“Sh-t ended because some stupid ass n-gga thought he was funny and he threw some sh-t on stage, and he got his a– socked,” said Pump. “B-tch, don’t you ever try to do no stupid sh-t while I’m performing you f–king dumb a–. Get your stupid a– socked. F–king goofy. I’m sorry to everybody the show got shut down or whatever. I’m gonna make it up to y’all. I love y’all.”

lil pump raising his pinky selfie

Source: Instagram @lilpump