Lord Jamar Says Hip-Hop Isn’t for Gay People: “You Have Music for Gay People. House Music, All That Electric $H#T”

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He's not hatin' though

Lord Jamar has a very… strong opinion about hip-hop music. Unlike Post Malone, who believes that hip-hop is not a place for substance, Lord Jamar believes hip-hop is not a place for “outwardly gay” artists.

What started out as a discussion about questionable lyrics in hip-hop ended up being… Well…

The conversation started with Biggie. During an interview with DJ Vlad, Lord Jamar said that though he loved Big, the rapper spit some suspect lines. He referenced Biggie’s line “F–k ’em in the a–, throw ’em over the bridge” from “What’s Beef” as an example.

To the Bronx rapper though, there’s a difference between being suspect and being openly gay. When DJ Vlad brought up ILoveMakonnen, the openly gay artist who had the club going up on a Tuesday, Jamar said his sexuality is the reason hip-hop fans haven’t heard from him lately. “There’s no male outwardly gay rappers that’s really poppin’. The only outwardly gay rapper that’s semi-poppin’, but’s coolin down, is Young M.A.,” Jamar claimed. He said that she’s “dope,” but agreed that she’s shaping to be a one hit wonder.

According to Jamar, the young female rapper could be a hip-hop favorite, if she takes his advice. “We need to, you know, just rhyme,” the rapper said, addressing Young M.A. “Get away from all the shock value, talking about the d-ke s–t. Like, nobody wanna hear that. And ain’t it hatin, it’s just… nobody wanna hear that.”

“Unless you wanna make music just straight for d-kes,” he continued. “But real ni–as don’t wanna hear no s–t like that. Come on, man. Knock it off. But… You could rap… especially for a girl. So, spit some otha s–t. Spit some s–t that we might would wanna hear, but that’s not what the f–k we wanna hear.”

He insisted that his comments weren’t hateful though, saying, “Nobody’s hatin on you. I’m not hatin on you. I’m just telling you change your s–t up.”