‘Love & Hip Hop: Houston’ Star Gets Teeth Knocked out by Boyfriend

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Talk about a TKO

There’s a new addition to the Love & Hip-Hop franchise. Love & Hip-Hop: Houston is in the process of filming now, and there’s already hell breaking loose. You may remember Jhonni Blaze from Love & Hip-Hop: New York. She was known for her hot-headed blow ups and quick jabs (both figuratively and literally).

Well, now, the stripper-turned-aspiring rapper/singer/pianist/guitarist has moved on to the newest city under the LHH belt. And it looks like wherever Jhonni goes, big drama will follow her. Apparently, Jhonni and her boyfriend got into a heated fight which resulted in JB getting her teeth knocked out. The beef spread when she took to social media to put him on blast and air out their dirty laundry.

Jhonni Blaze

Source: Instagram @therealjhonniblazeduh

Here's what happened...