‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Star Dragged for Using the N-Word

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Touchy, Touchy

With racial tensions as high as they are in America right now, the internet had zero tolerance for Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Veronica Vega’s use of the N-word.

Going back to February of this year — right around the time Vega and Trina’s track “Pay Me” dropped — Vega and the “baddest b**ch” had a conversation about the star’s use of the controversial word. During an episode of LHHMIA, viewers watched as Trina told Vega that it bothered a lot of people.

“There was on thing, though, on the record where you saw the N-word,” Trina began. “A lot of my people was like up my a** about that.” “It’s a conversation culturally that just always, like, revolves and it just keeps going. Like, what permits me the ability to say certain things in a certain culture,” Vega responded. “Like, why am I not? ‘Cause my skin isn’t dark enough?”

The artist went on to say that, to her, she’s still treated “like a other” by white people. “Anytime you’ve been discriminated against, that struggle, being treated different… minority, you a ni**a,” she said.

Fast forward to the first season reunion show… Vega continued to defend her right to use the n-word alongside sharing that she identifies as black. Twitter drug her name — and everything else — through the mud.

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