Lud Foe Arrested for Domestic Battery in Illinois

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It doesn't look good

Rapper Lud Foe has been arrested on charges of domestic battery. Authorities in Joliet, Illinois claim that the man behind the No Hooks series of mixtapes became violent in an argument with his pregnant girlfriend and her mother.

The Herald-News reports that police were called to Foe’s Plainfield home due to a domestic disturbance. The paper says that Foe’s girlfriend told police Foe slapped her repeatedly and shoved her off the bed. When her mother attempted to intervene, the pregnant woman claims that Foe slapped and pushed her as well.

Foe’s girlfriend told authorities that she tried to contact the police, but the rapper pulled the phone cord from the wall. Her mother hit the panic button in their home, causing police to respond. They arrested Foe and charged him with aggravated domestic battery, interfering with the report of domestic violence, and domestic battery.

He is set to appear in court on Friday afternoon.

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