Ma$E, Loon, and Other Rappers Who Turned Into Preachers

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For many years, hip-hop artists have crossed over into other genres of music. Rappers have turned to R&B, pop and even rock, spreading their sound to the masses. Now gospel is making a splash in the hip-hop world. This year, both Kanye West and Chance the Rapper have integrated gospel into their new albums. Both rappers have enlisted gospel great Kirk Franklin and his choir on their Life of Pablo and Coloring Book projects.

But they aren’t the first artists to do this. Over the years, rappers have not only sampled gospel music, but they have also rapped about their religious beliefs in a song or two. DMX is known for praying on his albums, which is one of the reasons Diddy invited him to lead them in prayer during the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. Though DMX hasn’t taken the cloth, these rappers have, dedicating their lives completely to the lord.

MC Hammer performs during Day 2 of the IEBA 2014 Conference on September 28, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for IEBA

These rappers were lead to the ministry