Mary J. Blige’s Step Daughter Makes Tragic Confession Amidst Parents Divorce

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“She quit me!”

Briana Latrise Isaacs, daughter of Mary J. and her ex husband Kendu Isaacs, is having a rough time dealing with her parent’s divorce. Since Mary and Kendu filled for divorce in July 2016, Briana claims she has not heard from the woman who was like a mother to her throughout the 12-year marriage.

The bad girl of Growing Up Hip Hop admits that she always felt like the “black sheep” of her family, but when Mary came into her life, she felt that someone finally understood her. Now that Mary and Kendu are divorcing, Briana admits she hasn’t spoken to either one of them; her attempts to suffocate the hurt have failed. When the flood of emotions come rushing in, the 31-year-old finally breaks down.

mary j blige and kendu isaacs _ Cindy Ord _ Getty Images

Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images