Masika Kalysha Quits ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’?

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Is she done?

Masika Kalysha might not be returning to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. According to the gossip website The Jasmine Brand, the reality TV star and mother of one of Fetty Wap’s soon-to-be seven children is out of the long-running VH1 series.

Brand doesn’t quote anyone directly and only speaks of anonymous insiders that say Masika is through. Kalysha herself has not confirmed whether or not she’s returning to the show.

Via the website:

“Sources say that Masika will not appear on the show and it was per her own request.

In the past, the reality star, who shares a daughter with rapper Fetty Wap, has said that she feels like she’s outgrown the show. She’s also alluded to being ecstatic about getting out of her contract.

Insiders tell us that unless you’re fired from the show, contractually, it’s hard to leave before your contract is up.”

Of course, this is all up in the air until Kalysha herself lets her fans know what’s up. She’s starred on the show for three seasons and it is clear that she has bad blood with several of the newer castmembers.

Unlike her alleged decision to quit, her beef with co-star Alexis Skyy is well-documented. Skyy, who also has a child with Fetty Wap, has very publicly feuded with Kalysha. And Kalysha continually calls Skyy “Abuick Dirt” which is funny in the dumbest way possible.

Masika Kalysha taking selfie

Credit: Instagram @masikakalysha