‘LHHH’ Producers “Punished” Masika Kalysha For Not Filming With Alexis Sky!

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She does not need her name dragged through the mud

Some people just can’t let anything go, and that makes for amazing reality TV… if you love seeing people constantly argue about things that have already happened, that is.

In the case of Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, the arguing about a certain shared lover is never-ending―and all this about a mane that neither of them is romantically involved with anymore. While Alexis wants to keep rehashing the past, Makisa is ready to leave the past in the past.

Then again, if she refuses to take part in the drama, Makisa could be let go…

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Source: Instagram @masikakalysha

The man is gone yet the anger over him still lingers for Masika and Alexis