LHHH’s Moniece Slaughter Drags Lil Brandi for Being Broke and Getting Kicked off the Show… Lil Brandi Claps Back

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Let the drama begin... again!

The last season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood was a pretty messy season. The beef between Moniece Slaughter and Brandi Boyd was explosive, and the ladies have yet to come back from it. There was so much mess between these two that I don’t even know where to start.

Just know that things got really bad when their opinion of parenting came into play; Lil Brandi started it when she commented on Moniece’s parenting. Moniece was pissed and fought back by talking smack about Brandi’s kid… Then all hell broke loose. Now, their beef has resurfaced and their hate couldn’t be greater…

Source: Instagram @moniece_slaughter/@maxluxwc

They got into an all-out beef battle on social media