Mystikal Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Assault, Kidnapping Charges

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Too Far Gone

In August of this year, reports that Mystikal had gotten himself into some serious trouble in Louisiana rang through the headlines. Shreveport, Louisiana’s KSLA News 12 broke the story that authorities were looking for the rapper in connection with the sexual assault and kidnapping of a women. Officers on the case were also looking for 42-year-old Tenichia Wafford. The Texas native allegedly tried to convince the victim not to press charges after the incident.

About four months ago, when the reports first surfaced, there were few details. At the time, the only solid fact was that Mystikal (alongside 26-year-old Averweone Holman) was in his home state in 2016 for the Legends Of Southern Hip-Hop tour.

Less than two days after the allegations hit the internet, the “I Smell Smoke” rapper turned himself in. (He was the only one of the three being sought to do so.) Though he was eventually caught, Holman ghosted as did Wafford, but the latter somehow found time to chit-chat with TMZ.

“Ain’t nobody did none of that, girl,” Wafford said over the summer. “And yes, I got it on record that she said ain’t nobody did nothing to her.”

Then he said, she said never mattered though. So, the case proceeded. Monday (Dec. 18) Mystikal — who is being held in Caddo Correctional Center since not being able to pay his $2 million bond — entered his not guilty plea.

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