Nicki Minaj Caught Smoking Weed on Camera… Fans (and Safaree) Blast Her

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Why does he care?

Nicki Minaj isn’t exactly a straight-edge artist. She’s willfully admitted to smoking weed in the past — not that you’d be able to guess that from the reaction to a recent video of her partaking.

After a video of Nicki getting lifted made its way around the internet, folks couldn’t wait to chime in, and that goes double for her former flame Safaree. Nicki’s famous ex took a second to poo-poo her decision on social media.

While Safaree didn’t name Minaj in the clip, he was clearly talking about her as he looked sad into his phone camera and dropped some corny dramatic pauses into his interminable statement.

“If you wait until your mid-30s to pick up a bad habit and show it off to everyone like it’s cool, you need help,” he said in part.

nicki minaj in costume

Source: Instagram @nickiminaj