Nicki Minaj Posts Suspicious Photo with Nas Making Social Media Go Apesh*t…

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"Only KINGS recognize QUEENS"

It’s been years since Nas and ex-wife Kelis got a divorce. And since then, we haven’t really been exposed to who he’s been dating. And as for Nicki, her love life has been pretty low-key since she kicked Meek Mill to the curb. Well, funny thing is, they both showed up in a photo that may suggest that they’ve put the single life to bed.

Last month, Nas celebrated the expanding of his Sweet Chick, restaurant Sweet Chick. The rapper opened a new location in New York and since then, hip-hop friends and fans have been praising his success. Nicki visited the restaurant last night and let’s just say these two were closer than we’ve ever seen them before.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

By the looks of these photos, they are looking like hip-hop's new IT couple