Nicki Minaj Toes The Line in Drop Dead Lace Outfit

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Nicki dropped an eye-popping selfie onto Instagram

Instagram can be pretty tough on the idea of nudity. Like social media as a whole, they’re a little weird about nipples (particularly if they belong to a woman). This smacks as unfair to most folk. After all, what makes a woman doing it lewd while a man doing it is chill? There’s whole campaigns to allow women to be digitally topless anywhere a man can. And leave it to Nicki Minaj — a rapper who has made her career on light provocation — to walk right up to the line and let her toes dangle over.

The rapper posted a picture of herself to Instagram and it definitely falls in the grey area of the platform’s policy. The photo is several steps beyond suggestive, with Nicki’s nipples being clearly visible through her lace top. To amp up the tantalizng nature of the pic, we have a pair of mystery hands coming in around Nicki’s waist and the “Anaconda” rapper pursing her lips for the camera.

Don’t think is some candid shot. Nicki knew exactly what she was doing with the post, captioning it with a sly tongue-out emoji.

Fans caught a case of the vapors over Nicki’s steamy picture. Compliments and other things of a more unpublsihable nature came streaming in on the pic as it began to spread around the internet.

Nicki Minaj onstage during the 2016 AMAs, November 20, 2016 in L.A.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images