Pete Rock Responds to Waka Flocka’s ‘Old Head’ Comments: “Y’all Can’t Do What We Did”

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The eternal old head debate continues

Pete Rock went in on Waka Flocka after the Atlanta rapper went on a rant pooh-poohing the older generation of rap stars for their negativity and bad stewardship of hip-hop.

The whole beef started when Waka sat down with This Is 50 and told the former generation of stars that they need to look in the mirror before they criticize anyone. His rant against hip-hop naysayers told the old heads that all their bad habits were either picked up via imitation of or neglect from their elders.

This didn’t sit well with someone whose name immediately conjures up images of the golden age. Rock went after Waka’s music, his perceived lack of respect for the older generation, and his music’s longevity (or lack thereof) in a lengthy Instagram screed. Underneath a picture of Waka, he began:

“I’m gonna defend my older heads and tell you you’re not equal. Be as disrespectful as you want. You’re not doing what we did, haven’t accomplished what we accomplished. Our generation didn’t experiment with pills or syrup or anything synthetic. It’s already written in history. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Hip Hop Hall of Fame and museums. Where are you at in any of that?”

He then asked Waka to kiss the ring.

“We are the reason you are who you are and do whatever it is you’re doing!” he said. “Pay homage to who was before you.”

DJ Pete Rock performs onstage at BlackSmith Music: A Night at the Museum at the Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History on June 27, 2008

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