Peter Gunz Admits to Cheating on His Multiple Babies Mamas for the P*ssy

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Peter snitched on himself

Plenty of people are willing to look foolish in service of an internet trend, but Peter Gunz might have taken it to a whole ‘nother level, snitching on himself as part of his entry into the #ForTheD*ck challenge. His gender-swapped version kicks off by admitting that he cheated on all of his baby mamas then gets more ridiculous from their.

Take a look at a quick sampling of all the things that Gunz claims he’ll do to be in other folks’ draws.

“So much drama for the for the p*ssy
Cheated on my baby mama for the p*ssy
And my other baby mama for the p*ssy
And my other baby mama for the p*ssy

N*gga I’ll die for the p*ssy
If the p*ssy got beef I’ll ride for the p*ssy
I’ll leave the creep squad for the p*ssy
Might believe in God for the p*ssy

I’ll thump for the p*ssy
Might stand for the anthem mention Trump for the p*ssy
I trap for the p*ssy
Get popped for the p*ssy

Do a 3-9 for the p*ssy
Eat a piece of swine for the p*ssy
Forgive my Farrakhan for the p*ssy
So intertwined with the p*ssy”

It’s not quite as far as Erykah Badu, who said she’d “ride a missile from Korea” for some good good, was willing to go, but it’s still a pretty strong case.

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Source: Instagram @PeterGunz174