Photog Who Shot Tupac’s Most Famous Photo Sues Retailers for Unauthorized Use of Photo

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He wants nearly a million dollars for their thievery

Tupac Shakur is still greatly missed after 21 years of being gone; he was ripped from the world far before his time. We hang on to his music, his videos, and his photos as hard as we can just because we can’t let go of him. We want his memory to be perfectly preserved for all of the decades to come; it’s not unusual to see his fans still wearing t-shirts and other pieces of clothing with his image.

One photographer is fighting to get some clothes, featuring a well-known photo of Tupac, destroyed. He said the manufacturers had no right to use it, and it’s not a suitable homage to the late, great musician.

Credit: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

This famous photographer isn't going to let them get away