“Piece of F**king Sh*t!” Vince Staples Goes OFF on R. Kelly During Interview

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Unapologetically Honest

When news of R. Kelly’s illegal and down right scandalous activities (i.e. allegations of maintaining an abusive, sexually-driven cult) hit the headlines, it was met with disbelief. That is… Until undeniable proof in the form of an outspoken victim surfaced.

Afterwards, the singer’s fan base seemed to decrease a little. His approval rating among his fellow artists even faltered. Case in point: Member of hip-hop trio Cutthroat Boyz, Vince Staples, made it cyrstal clear that he does not mess with R. Kelly.

During a backstage interview with Everyday Struggle‘s Nadeksa Alexis, the two joked about all the things Vince will be able to do after he gets off of probation before things took a… turn.

“R. Kelly a piece of fu**ing s**t,” he said.

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Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Panorama