Police Recover Kendrick Lamar’s Producer’s Stolen Hard Drive With Unreleased Music

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So Close!

Early this December, Kendrick Lamar’s producer, Derek Ali (aka MixedByAli), was robbed of his hard drive containing over $1 million worth of unreleased music. It was taken out of the Top Dawg Entertainment engineer’s BMW while he was at the gym.

Thanks to a fingerprint left behind by the thief, Hawthorne, California authorities found and recovered the drive. Detectives on the case matched the prints found on the Ali’s vehicle to that of 23-year-old Jonjairo Espinoza. Espinoza, alongside another still-at-large thief were connected to crimes in L.A., Carson, Hawthorne, and Torrance.

“Basically these guys are serial car burglars,” Hawthorne police Lt. James Royer said to Los Angeles Daily News. “They prey upon victims who leave items viewable from the outside.”

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