Pregnant Cardi B Almost Gets Into Physical Altercation

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Close Call for Cardi B

This past weekend, rapper Cardi B nearly got caught up in a physical altercation while out shopping. In a video posted by the Jasmine BRAND, Cardi B can be seen in what is reported to be a Louis Vuitton store. The 25-year old rapper was surrounded by security guards and police officers as a small crowd formed outside of the store’s doors. The footage starts in the middle of a heated exchange of words between Cardi B and a woman outside of the store.

Although not much of their exchange can be heard over the clamor of the crowd, the woman’s voice can be heard at one point, saying, “if I heard you say it, I would have respected it”. Cardi B looks visibly agitated as she argues with the woman outside, who is being held back by others as she argues with Cardi. As Cardi B walks away from the door and into the store, a voice can be heard saying, “come outside, you b***h”.