TV Producer’s Phone Seized by L.A. County Sheriffs After Alleged Illegal Suge Knight Jailhouse Interview

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What did they do?

Two television producers could be in trouble for interviewing Suge Knight. According to The Blast, the team behind a new documentary series called Death Row Chronicles have found themselves on the s**t list of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Nora Donaghy and William Erb have been dealing with the fallout from an interview they held with Suge Knight while the one-time mogul was in jail awaiting trial for murder. The gossip website says that Donaghy’s phone was seized by police and that both producers were hit with grand jury subpoenas after they interviewed the former Death Row head honcho.

Erb told The Blast that he was contacted by people who identified as law enforcement and told that the interview their production company, eOne, had with Knight was illegal. The unnamed caller allegedly told Erb “that he ‘knew’ that eOne had done an interview with Suge Knight, who was in jail, and that Mr. Knight violated the law by talking to eOne.”

Donaghy’s story is even more unsettling. She said that two officers with homicide badges arrived at her home without warning and asked to search her phone.

“Believing I had no alternative and frightened by the unexpected arrival of two ‘homicide’ officers at my home, early in the morning, I gave them my iPhone and the passcode and showed them it worked,” Donaghy said, according to The Blast. The officers left with Donaghy’s phone but promised she would get it back in a day. They failed to return the device to the filmmaker.

“Some of this information is highly sensitive,” she said of the documents on her phone, “and if revealed or leaked, could bring grave harm to some of my sources and contacts. I consider the information on my cell phone to be confidential and private.”


Credit: Paul Buck/Getty Images