Puff Puff Pass—Hip Hop Stoners Only!

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Marijuana has always played a major part in the Hip Hop culture from Cypress Hill’s “Temple of Boom” L.P. to Dr. Dr’s “The Chronic.” Redman even taught us all “How to Roll A Blunt” on his debut L.P. “Whut : Thee Album.” From the early ’90s until today rappers have glorified the use of marijuana in their songs, videos, and pretty much their everyday lifestyle.

In 2017, weed culture is still very prevalent in Hip Hop and we hear many artists still reference the plant in their records. With legalization passed (in at least a few states now), we did a bit of due diligence and compiled a list of the strains that are most popular in the hip hop community…

Smoke the Weed Screencap

Credit: Youtube @westfesttv

Smoke like a celeb with these strains!