R. Kelly’s Atlanta Homes Robbed by Thieves Pretending to Be Movers

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That's one way to do it

What goes on inside R. Kelly’s homes has been the subject of much scrutiny. From the outside, reporters and advocates alike are left asking people who manage to break out the Pied Piper’s grasp about the singer’s alleged harems and strict rules.

But it turns out that anyone who wanted to know what goes down inside Robert’s Atlanta mansions just needed to get their hands on a halfway decent costume and Ocean’s 11 their way in. Apparently, Kelly’s Atlanta homes were cleaned out by a group of men claiming to be movers.

According to TMZ, three men went full Grinch on everything Kelly owns, swiping it all, and loading it into vans over Thanksgiving weekend while Kelly was away on tour. The police noticed the operation and even questioned the three men about what they were doing. They told the APD that they were hired by a Kelly associate named Alfonso Walker to clean out the houses and sell what was inside. They said that Kelly was moving his entire operation to Chicago and they needed to offload all the stuff with which he’d filled his southern homes.

Kelly told the police that Walker was a part-time employee of his, not authorized to make that sort of call. According to the gossip website, police got a warrant for Walker’s home and found some of the stolen goods in his house. The website goes on to say that Walker gave three contradictory stories about how the stuff ended up at his residence.

Walker was scheduled to turn himself in earlier this week, but he never showed up. Police have since issued a warrant for his arrest.

R. Kelly performs in concert at Barclays Center on September 25, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of NYC

Credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images