Rae Sremmurd Praises Their Rap Influence and Legend

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The Brothers Sremm talk about the legend.

Rae Sremmurd sat down with Montreality to share their favorite things in life across several topics. On top of holding forth on cartoons, food and their ideas of utopia, the “Swang” rappers explained the effect that Lil Wayne had on their lives.

“Man, Lil Wayne is one of my favorite artists for real, he made me appreciate lyrics,” said Slim Jimmy. “It was just tight the way he rapped, he knew how to swag over a track and say something at the same time, and his lyrics were always off the chain.”

To demonstrate Jimmy raps a few lines from his remix of “Upgrade U” on Da Drought 3:

Sittin’ in the coupe, lookin’ like a racer
Top peeled back like the skin of a potato
Seat way back, listenin’ to Anita Baker
Ridin’ by myself, smokin’ weed by the acre

He added that Lil Wayne gave him confidence as a short dude. “Lil Wayne let me know that I could be the sh*t as a lil n*gga,” he said in an archival clip. “This n*gga let me know lil n*ggas is the sh*t if they got confidence. I been short all my life.’o”

Swag Lee didn’t give much of an answer, but he did rap a bit of “I’m Me.”

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Credit: Michael Tullberg/Stringer/Getty