15 Rappers Who Said They Were Going to Fight…and Never Did

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Calling Hands Out

Rapping is a true art form, making rappers in the game artists, little Pablp Picassos, and artists are… testy. Who can blame them? After being cooped up in a booth all day, leaving everything you have on the track, you’d probably be a little on edge too. The competitiveness of the industry and the creative strenuousness can be a bit much. With the pressure from record labels, fans, and other rappers on their shoulders constantly, rappers need to blow off some steam from time to time.

Some rappers dip their fingers into other, less taxing, industries to escape the demands of rapping, some party constantly, and some… fight other rappers.

These rappers called their fellow performers’ hands out, and it was highly entertaining.


Meek Mill's $500K chain

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Who's stepping in the ring?