Rappers Who Have Been Dressing Like Women Way Before Young Thug

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He's not the first and won't be the last

Last week, Young Thug made such the splash in the media when he released the cover artwork for his upcoming album, JEFFREY. Fans were in shock when they saw Young Thug decked out in a baby blue, Japanese-inspired outfit by Alessandro Trincone, an Italian designer who himself was just as shocked to see the rapper in his garments. But this isn’t the first time Young Thug has donned women’s clothing.

Throughout his career, the rapper has been seen in everything from Ugg boots to skintight skinny jeans. He’s done fashion forward spreads in GQ, most of them wearing women’s clothing. Fans have a lot to say about the young rapper being very comfortable in women’s clothing. But Young Thug isn’t the first artist and won’t be the last who has dabbled in wearing women’s clothing. Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper has worn a blouse, a skirt and even a crop top. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Young thug on the phone

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These rappers have been known to wear feminine clothing a time or three...