Rappers Who Served in the Military

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Camouflage was a big deal back in the olden days of hip-hop. Master P and his tank of No Limit soldiers heavily adopted the military look. He had no connection to the military, other than one of his artists being in the army, but it looked and was deemed cool. But there are a lot of hip-hop greats who were actually in the military.

Every year, we show appreciation to those who fight for our country. But did you know that some of your favorite rappers also went to war on our behalf? From enlisting in the Navy to making ends meet, or dodging death every day on the battle field just to get a new set of wheels, these rappers served in the military.

Lil' John raps during the Lil' John & The East Side Boyz $2 Bill Concert on December 1, 2004 at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgi

Credit: Mark Adams/Getty Images

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