Ray J Puts The Paws on Queenz Flip for Trying to Get on His Song in Prank Gone Wrong

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Queens dudes stay shirtless

Ray J is a famous little brother. You’d think his status would mean he knows how to take a joke at his expense. But a new video from Instagram comedian Queenz Flip shows that Ray doesn’t care if it’s a prank, bro.

The R&B singer got into it with the comedian after he found the man in his studio. Ray J walks in carrying a French Bulldog, like you do, and found the comedian in his studio shirtless. Queenz repeatedly insisted that he was about to jump on Ray J’s song and refused to take no for answer. But first, Ray J had a very serious question.

“Why this n*gga got his shirt off?” he asked.

Flip attributed his half-dressed state to being from Queens and kept it moving.

“I’m about to get on this record,” he said, while tinkering with the audio files of a song in progress. “I’m on this. I’m on it. I’m dead serious. I’m on your record.”

“Who is this n*gga?” asks a clearly confused Ray J. “Where the engineer at?”

When Ray tries to pull Queenz away from the console, the comedian swatted him away and the mood clearly shifted.

“For real? Like that?” Ray J said. “You in my session, my n*gga.”

After some further pushing and shoving, eventually Ray J tackles Queenz onto the studio couch before the video cuts out.

ray j worried - screen shot - vh1

Source: VH1