Ray J Being Sued for Allegedly Screwing Over His Partner

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Who knew scooters were so expensive?

Ray J is known for two things: “One Wish” and screwing people. So, is it any surprise that the singer might have pulled a fast one on a potential partner. According to TMZ, Ray J is being sued from trying to muscle a friend out a cut of his electric scooter business.

Not one word of that is made up,

Via the outlet:

“A guy named Jean Paul claims back in 2015 he and Ray talked about firing up a business to market electric scooter bikes… He says he was shocked to learn Ray secretly launched a competing business to ace Jean Paul out … thus the $30 million lawsuit, filed by his attorney, Sarah Cabarcas-Osman from the Berman Law Group.”

Jean Paul claims that they agreed to start the business and that Ray J’s word along with his reach was enough to convince Paul to start a business. However, Ray never actually came into the fold and Paul is mad about it to the tune of $30 million. In the suit, he takes several shots at Ray J, saying that he “arguably maintains a certain level of celebrity” that would have been useful in their planned business venture.

Ray J has not responded to the lawsuit.

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