Remy Ma Reveals She Regrets Her Diss Track

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Remy, say wha?

When Remy Ma released the diss track “shETHER,” she did not hold back. The former first lady of the Terror Squad, without a doubt, straight annihilated Nicki Minaj, according to fans. Calling Nicki everything but a child of God, Remy went in for the kill without one, single f*** given. It was the talk of the internets.

Fans rushed to Remy’s page, praising her for her crucial jabs and shots that aimed straight for Nicki’s jugular. More fans ran to Nicki’s comment section and delivered a slew of L’s for her to take. The track has received much success, but surprisingly, Remy isn’t fascinated by it. The rapper recently revealed that she regrets making the record. Well, sort of.

remy ma with pink background

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"I do not condone or recommend the tearing down of another female," she says.