Remy Ma Sends Video Message to Internet Trolls

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"Scrotum face"

Since her release from jail, success has been poppin’ off for Remy. She even hit it big when she dropped her Nicki Minaj diss track “SHether.” But when she dropped the second diss track, “Another One,” things became hit or miss for her. Fans got annoyed, saying she was doing the most, even though she called Nicki Minaj out to put out her own diss track.

Well, Remy got her wish, and Nicki came out the gate with “No Frauds.” Nicki came to regain her thrown and fans soon re-crowned Nicki as the queen of this rap sh*t. Now, Remy has a message to all of her Instagram trolls who won’t let up with the hate.

Remy Ma ranting on Insatgram

Source: Instagram @remyma

She hurled super insults to all who came for her in the past few weeks