Rick Ross Goes To War Online With Baby Mama Over Joining ‘LHHM’

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She's got the drop on Rick!

Rick Ross is throwing massive shade at his second baby mama right now, and it may make her spill the hot tea on him. He’d better watch what he has to say about her if he’s got things to hide!

Tia Kemp has been well-known as Rick Ross’s second baby mama since she had their son William Roberts III over a decade ago. She famously took 50 Cent’s side when he started beefing with Rick, and things have never really been the same between them.

Beginning in January 2016, Tia has been taking Rick to court to get him to pay for their son’s lifestyle. She at least wants Rick to spend some time with his boy since he spends a ton of time with his oldest child.

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Credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock