Kash Doll, Royce Da 5’9″ Pissed That Cardi B Received Spirit of Detroit Award

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Royce has a point

The city of Detroit made the questionable decision to give its Spirit of Detroit award to someone who is not from Detroit and doesn’t seem to have any particularly strong connection to the city. We all love Cardi B, but it does ring a little hollow to hand an award meant to recognize significant residents of the Motor City to someone who so thoroughly identifies with New York.

Maybe it was a shout out to Cardi bodying everyone around her on the new song “Motor Sport?” More likely it was just pure unadulterated thirst from the city, looking to make a few headlines. Obviously, Detroit’s own rappers took notice.

Royce Da 5’9 pointed out that New York doesn’t need help sustaining its own. The city has a whole industry of navel-gazing — the old saw about New Yorkers finding nothing more interesting than the city they call home still holds in 2017 —and Cardi is one of the city’s breakout successes. Detroit’s history as a bit of a rap backwater has created a culture of local boosterism. One that the city ignored when they handed the award to a New Yorker currently on the cover of Rolling Stone.

“Detroit, when y’all gon’ cut it out with the goofy sh*t?” said Royce Da 5’9 in an angry video. “When are we going to stop being so politically correct? This is not a politically correct business. This record industry does not care about Detroit. Where you think the ‘No Fly Zone’ came from? Where you think ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’ came from? If we don’t put action behind those words, that’s just letters on the shirt. Nothing more than letters on a shirt.”

“I love Cardi B just like everybody else, but Cardi B don’t know shit about the spirit of Detroit,” he added.

“She ain’t even receive the Spirit of New York Award yet. What the f*ck is we giving her an award for about the spirit of our city? I’m a Spirit of Detroit Award recipient, [but] that took the umph out of it for me. Give Kash Doll the godd*mn award. Y’all gotta stop it man. Y’all gotta stop it. We must stop it. We gotta start looking out for our own artists. That’s the only way we gon’ move as a city. When are y’all gonna see that?”

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