21 Savage Gets Dragged for Supporting Amber Rose as ‘Captain Save a H*e’ at 2017 SlutWalk

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He's just a man trying to support his woman

Amber Rose didn’t invent the SlutWalk, but her third annual Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival in Los Angeles was attended by thousands. Participants wanted to make a statement about feminism and how women should not be shamed or assaulted for the way they dress. Amber dressed up as Captain Save A H*e for the big day, complete with a superhero outfit and long cape.

She was joined by her sweetie 21 Savage who stood by her side the whole time. At times, he held a sign that said “I’m A H*e Too.” That sign is what’s getting him in serious trouble with his fans while also being called “relationship goals” by others.

amber rose and 21 savage at slutwalk

Source: Instagram @amberrose